Tracy Breuning - Natural Nutritionist - Your Consultation


Your Consultation


During your initial consultation we will follow the ‘three stages approach’ looking at diet, techniques and supplements.

1. Diet:

The aim of looking at diet is to reduce any challenge that there currently is to the body. 

When looking at diet we are aiming to bring our bodies more in line with the seasons. Eating seasonally matches the natural energy of the time. In the summer foods grow faster and there is a lot of colour around. As Autumn comes we see that the vegetables are getting starchier and there are more grains. In the Winter the vegetables grow underground matching the darker more contemplative season.

2. Techniques:

We may suggest the use of gentle naturopathic techniques in order to achieve balance in any systems of the body which are struggling. An unhealthy body is not functioning at optimum and these techniques are employed to ensure that any toxicity is leaving the body by an appropriate route and not backing up to another system and creating further problems. We are working with the body’s natural detoxification process.

These techniques vary according to each case and at the speed they wish to work on themselves. Children in particular respond well to the non invasive techniques. 

3. Laboratory testing and Supplements:

As a registered nutritional therapist I assess my clients on an individual basis to ascertain how best to combine current science and evidence based approaches with individual lifestyles, biochemical and familial variations. Occassionally lab tests will be suggested in order to best inform the approach taken.
Often some initial supplementation may be suggested according to the case history taken.